There are multiple ways to work with Performance Therapy Institute

In the clinic

In the Clinic

Who benefits from what service?

Initial Evaluation

All new patients require an initial evaluation. This is when the diagnosis process occurs and the plan of treatment is developed and communicated clearly.

You will know exactly what your first steps of action are on Day 1.

Follow-up sessions


  • Exercise instruction and possible hands-on therapy 
  • Personalized program emailed to you 
  • 1 hour 1-on-1 sessions

Good for athletes or individuals who: 

  • Are¬†looking to improve their ability to complete 1 or 2 activities without pain.
    • Such as only having pain with a squat or bench press 
    • Or only having pain with prolonged sitting
  • Recent onset of pain 
  • Have typically responded well to exercise and/-or hands-on therapy for pain alleviation in the past 


Which membership is best for you?

$600/ month


  • Initial online video chat movement assessment 
  • Personalized program emailed to you 
  • Follow up email response within 24 business hours 

Good for individuals who: 

  • Have a specific movement or exercise that bothers when exercising 
  • Have a strong execution of the EASY MOVEMENT FOUNDATIONS