After suffering a vertebral fracture due to osteoporosis, I had physical therapy for the pain. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. Then, I met with Cameron Puls. What a difference in therapy style! 

Cameron taught me how to breathe properly. From years of yoga classes, I had learned how important correct breathing is, but he taught me how to breathe into various parts of my body. I had no idea how to do that! 

“Tuck your tailbone!” Those are Cameron’s words I hear every day in my mind! It is SO important to tuck your tailbone when bending forward or when lifting something. This protects the lower back from injury. No physical therapist had ever told me that. 

Not only did Cameron help alleviate my back pain, but he taught me exercises to strengthen my body. I was very fearful of further injury, but he has dispelled that fear. He taught me how to move to prevent injury and I learned I don’t need to be afraid to be active.  

Aside from Cameron’s vast knowledge of how the human body works, he is so very kind. I looked forward to every therapy session and was sad when my therapy ended. 

I will always be grateful for Cameron…always.

Allen S.

I recommend Cameron to individuals serious about obtaining the best possible return to optimal function after injury or in my own case major spinal surgery.  Cameron does a very thorough intake and presents his findings and recommendations to you.  He then works with you according to the jointly endorsed plan.  If that plan needs revision, that is also done collaboratively.  As a bonus, Cameron is a delightful person.  He is well read, constantly learning, and can be very, very funny.  My overall experience was a remarkable one.  I actually looked forward to
my sessions with Cameron.

Debbie B.

I am writing this because I learned Cam was starting his own business and as a previous client, I wanted to offer my support. 

First, I want to mention that I have MS and when I developed pain in my neck, head and shoulders I saw my neurologist to determine the pains origin. He was certain that it was not neurological and he agreed that seeing a PT was the next line of treatment. 

I was referred to Cam’s previous employer and assigned to Cam. Right from the beginning I felt like he was really listening to what I was telling him about my body. I also have a neurological issue (non-MS) that when I told Cam about, not only did he listen, but he was able to see how it would impact my treatment. He was the first person in the medical field who used this information to provide better care.  

When treatment began, I have to admit I was very skeptical of how breathing exercises and slight adjustments to body positioning would help my neck.  Throughout treatment Cam explained what he was doing and why. He helped me understand my body better than before. He showed me through measurements how this was working. He made me a believer.  I now can reduce my muscle pain through some simple exercises. I call this a success. 

When it was time for treatment to end, he made sure I had the information I needed to continue to have pain reduction. He expressed his availability if I had issues or concerns in the future. 

I recommend Cam with all his treatment options for all your physical therapy issues. 

Mark L.

“Cameron guided me through the 5-month healing process. He explained in detail with visuals how everything is interrelated from the feet, pelvis, spine to the ribs, neck and shoulder. He had a plan to address not only my perceived issue, but the underlying mechanics that were causative. The breathing exercises were the greatest departure from what I expected, but also the most miraculous too. He incorporated many weighted exercises in precise variations with great results. I have had other PT work done in the past which were often painful and occasionally counterproductive. I worked very hard and I am functioning better now than I have been in years. Cameron is just an exceptional clinician and I can’t say enough about the experience with him.” 

A. K.

We fully expect—or at least I do/have—to function as we always have even though we’re growing older/are already older! A few months ago I moved—many boxes
of heavy books and vases and paper, a life of stuff—and soon my back and hip could barely function, I walked dragging a leg.

Cameron Puls was like a miracle worker—in terms of how he assessed my body, talked about it, and brought it back to me, giving me tools for life.

I never knew I sat pitched forward or that I stood that way, gripping my toes to
stay upright (you should see the before and after photos), that my diaphragm
didn’t move (it could but I didn’t use it) and so I engaged other things in
ways they weren’t meant to be and didn’t like.

Not anymore.

Yup, I find myself sometimes going back to old ways. But as Cam said, you can’t unlearn what you’ve already learned; you just have to learn something new to take its place. That takes time and attention, repetition. But first it takes someone like Cameron Puls. I’m dancing again!