Insurance Information

Performance Therapy Institute participates with health insurance companies on an OUT OF NETWORK basis.

This means if you have a commercial health insurance plan (pretty much anything other than Medicare or Medicaid) I can submit your claims for you towards your OUT OF NETWORK benefit (if you have one) and whatever you insurance accepts will help to offset the cost to you.

I don’t accept workers compensation assignment at this time, or motor vehicle accident claims.

I also do not accept MEDICARE, but I am able to offer cash based services to Medicare clients.

If you’re not sure if you have an OUT OF NETWORK health insurance benefit, feel free to email a picture of the FRONT and BACK of your health insurance card at and I can have someone check for you.

Maine is a direct access state, which means it is NOT required by state law for someone to have to go to their Doctor 1st before coming to Physical Therapy. However, some insurance companies require a Doctor’s visit 1st per their policy despite it not being required by law.

Essentially once your deductible is met, then your health insurance will offset a part of the cost for your therapy sessions.

Health insurance can not be used for online or fitness programming services with Performance Therapy Institute.

Feel free to call or email with any questions!