Low Back Pain With Pulling Exercises??

Lower back pain for many of our clients is the MOST frustrating obstacle that gets in the way of continuing their journey to feeling stronger and more confident. It is typically easier to work around ankle pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. But low back pain takes away so many options to maintain our physicalContinue reading “Low Back Pain With Pulling Exercises??”

“Good” Posture is Not What It Seems with Dr. Ted Greeley

Or if you would prefer to just listen and not watch, check out the podcast on Spotify. We all grew up with a notion of what “good” posture is.  Someone close to us tried to help us out so we didn’t end up like them with aches and pains due to “bad” posture.  In thisContinue reading ““Good” Posture is Not What It Seems with Dr. Ted Greeley”

Ober Test: What is it measuring?

Set List History of the Obers test Muscle insertions into the ITB Assessing hip extension during the Obers test What is the traditional concept behind a positive Obers? What does the Willette article suggest about a limited Obers test finding? How lack of hip extension and adduction can relate to lower back pain in standingContinue reading “Ober Test: What is it measuring?”