7 Exercise Gamer Warm Up Program

Ideal warm ups and workouts designed for GAMERS is absolutely necessary to improve performance, and increase career longevity. This biggest problem with all of the warm ups for GAMERS I’ve seen online is none of the warm ups or workouts address the REAL issue for improving physical performance, and preventing injury. That’s why I designedContinue reading “7 Exercise Gamer Warm Up Program”

From Ultra-Marathoner to Body Builder Podcast

In this episode I chat with Matt Flynn personal trainer and body builder coach. Matt is relentless with increasing his scientific knowledge base about improving the human physique in a healthy and sustainable way.  He is also super easy to talk to and relates with all of his clients by meeting them where they areContinue reading “From Ultra-Marathoner to Body Builder Podcast”

Why a “stronger” neck does not help neck pain in Gamers or Office workers

Why a “stronger” neck does not help neck pain in Gamers or Office workers

The 3 most common mistakes that I see other PT’s, Doctor’s, and Trainers make when trying to help people with neck pain is:

Try to make the muscles around the neck bigger/ Try to stretch the muscles around the neck/ and Try to have patients actively tuck their chin and pull their head back (if someone has a forward head position).