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  • Low Back Pain With Pulling Exercises??
    Lower back pain for many of our clients is the MOST frustrating obstacle that gets in the way of continuing their journey to feeling stronger and more confident. It is typically easier to work around ankle pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. But low back pain takes away so many options to maintain our physical … Read more
  • From Ultra-Marathoner to Body Builder Podcast
    In this episode I chat with Matt Flynn personal trainer and body builder coach. Matt is relentless with increasing his scientific knowledge base about improving the human physique in a healthy and sustainable way.  He is also super easy to talk to and relates with all of his clients by meeting them where they are … Read more
  • How to fix your “bad” posture
    How to fix your “bad” posture The mental image of someone having bad posture, bent over like a question mark (?) has to be one the most common mental perceptions across individuals in all societies.
  • The Anti-Depressant Power of Exercise with Camilla Cantelli
    Catch the podcast here
  • A History of Physical Therapy Hands On Treatment
    I had a great time recording this podcast with one of my mentors Martin Langaas. I was a graduate of the Institute of Orthopeadic Manual Therapy with Martin as my instructor for 2 years, and it offered great insight to further help me understand complicated skills and concepts that are not taught in PT school. … Read more
  • “Good” Posture is Not What It Seems with Dr. Ted Greeley
    Or if you would prefer to just listen and not watch, check out the podcast on Spotify. We all grew up with a notion of what “good” posture is.  Someone close to us tried to help us out so we didn’t end up like them with aches and pains due to “bad” posture.  In this … Read more

About Me

I’m Cameron Puls, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, OMT

I am a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer at Performance Therapy Institute, LLC.

I have been Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2012. I am also a board certified orthopedic specialists (OCS), a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), and orthopedic manual therapist (OMT).

I continue to learn every single day by reading and working with my multiple mentors:

  • Bill Hartman
  • Michael Mullin
  • Mike Camporini
  • Zac Cupples
  • Martin Langaas

I just want people to enjoy using their body however they please as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

I love working with people who want to get back to walking, hiking, running, dancing AND competitive video games 🙂

Let’s hang out