Low Back Pain With Pulling Exercises??

Lower back pain for many of our clients is the MOST frustrating obstacle that gets in the way of continuing their journey to feeling stronger and more confident.

It is typically easier to work around ankle pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. But low back pain takes away so many options to maintain our physical and mental health.

So to help you out, I want to go over a 3 step road map I start with most of clients that have lower back pain with rowing in the gym.

None of this information is meant to substitute medical advice, it is educational in nature. It is always suggested you get professional medical advice before moving forward with any of these activities (however most people reading this have either seen a medical professional, or they want to try something on their own first before getting a consult :).

We can’t out rehab or train constant irritation to your low back, so I linked a couple of posts that go over a couple of positions and concepts to avoid.

Being able to achieve the position and FEEL how to get your spine in a more neutral position before you pick up weights is essential for alleviating pain.

This is where having someone coach you through the sensation is important, because it looks easy (but everyone needs a little help with it, ESPECIALLY athletes).

AKA finding a neutral spine/ getting back to relax
Its a longer exhale than you think, but don’t let your 6 pack muscle get involved

If you get relief from the general road map above with your rows, AWESOME! If you’re still struggling after a week with the same pain click on the link here to hop on a phone call to see how we can help!

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