“Good” Posture is Not What It Seems with Dr. Ted Greeley

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We all grew up with a notion of what “good” posture is. 

Someone close to us tried to help us out so we didn’t end up like them with aches and pains due to “bad” posture. 

In this episode I interview Dr. Ted Greeley, Physical Therapist as he shares his professional story of how he arrived at helping facilitate positive outcomes in his patients by giving them small pieces of information to better help them understand what healthy posture is. 

Ted has been a Physical Therapist for 10 years actively increasing his knowledge and skill set by attending various continuing education events.  He started his career by treating people with a traditional approach to Physical Therapy and Orthopedics, but in the last few years has been focusing on whole body movement and breathing to help patients feel better. 

Ted shares his successes and curiosities that brought him to his current understanding of human movement.  He also provides examples of how posture and breathing can affect diagnosis’ of thumb and big toe pain. 

Listen to the interview with Ted to find out how why the concept of good posture that our parent’s taught us might need to be updated.  

You can also view the video of the episode in its entirety at my Youtube channel. 

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