Helping INSPIRED adults and athletes feel like athletes again

Especially if you have already seen multiple Doctors, PT’s or Chiropractors


Performance Therapy Institute provides physical therapy care and sports medicine in Bangor, Maine.

Treating the ROOTs of the problem

Educating the client

Questions answered and feedback given within 24 hours

Science- and evidence-based approach

Feeling confident in your body when returning to lifting/ hiking/ long walks after an injury is HARD

You just want to get that workout in or be with your family and friends and not worry about “How am I going to feel later?”

It is frustrating if you have been going to PT for weeks and haven’t seen any improvements.  

It may seem like your PT or Doctor doesn’t understand the pain you’re experiencing, and maybe you’re not sure how the treatment plan pertains to YOUR injury,

Or you’ve been cleared by your Doctor and PT, but you STILL get pain when trying to get back to what you love to do. 

 PTI takes away the frustration by…

  • Making programs designed with YOU and YOUR LIFESTYLE in mind
  • Your Home or Gym exercise program will be emailed to you with videos linked
  • I am just a text or email away from answering your questions or checking your exercise form
  • REDUCING the number of visits needed to see measurable improvements

Cameron Puls is hands down the best physical therapist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and learning from! I’ve known Cameron for years now and have never met anyone with better analytical skills. He sees the cause of the problem and comes up with the best possible solution.

Numerous times he has helped me with my learning as a personal trainer, and with countless injuries I’ve had. His greatest strength is that he never stops learning. Recently I ruptured my Achilles tendon one week before proposing to my fiancée.

Cameron was the first person I called after speaking with her. He came down from Maine right after my surgery and helped me with one of the fastest and, more importantly, safest recoveries.

I’m currently 16 weeks out post surgery and now running. If it wasn’t for Cameron’s guidance and specific programming I would not be where I am today. I can’t thank him enough for being the best physical therapist and an even better friend!

If you’re looking for help in achieving a pain free life for yourself, there’s no one better than Cameron Puls and Performance Therapy Institute.

– Christopher G.

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Why Performance Therapy Institute is a different experience

I know you want to to be hiking or running just enjoying the surroundings.  I know you want to be in the gym working out without pain.  You want to be with your team on the court or field.  Or you just want to be able to enjoy that walk with your loved one whether it’s a person or your dog. 

I am an athlete myself and I’ve missed valuable time sidelined with persistent injuries during the season

I’ve also been a chronic pain patient, which limited my ability to go for long strolls with my wife.  I was afraid to sit in a car or plane for extended periods of time due to increasing pain the longer I sat there.  

I’ve seen firsthand with my own family what can happen when people don’t feel taken care of, or that they have access to the right person to help them. 

Your suffering doesn’t just limit you, it dampens the positive effects and energy you bring to your household and community.  

So PTI has removed the frustration by creating a 3-step process to get you going in a healing direction.  I’ve removed the barrier of needing insurance authorization or a Doctor’s referral so you can start as soon as you’re ready.  


Schedule a phone call below, or shoot me an email or text so you can get your healing journey started!

How to Get Started:

Request a Phone Call/ Appointment 

Getting started is easy! Just click the link below to set up a phone call. I am excited to answer all of your questions and set up an appointment.

Come in for a FREE Discovery Session

During your Discovery Session I’ll diagnose your injury and give clarity as to why you’ve been struggling up to this point and your BEST NEXT steps.

Work hard.  Get better. 

We will do a thorough evaluation and come up with a plan to eliminate the ROOT cause of your problem once and for all. 

Cameron guided me through the 5- month healing process. He explained in detail with visuals how everything is interrelated from the feet, pelvis, spine to the ribs, neck, and shoulder.

He had a plan to address not only my perceived issue, but the underlying mechanics that were causative. The breathing exercises were the greatest departure from what I expected, but also the most miraculous.

He incorporated many weighted exercises in precise variations with great results. I have had other PT work done in the past which was often painful and occasionally counterproductive.  I worked very hard and I am functioning better now than I have been in years. Cameron is just an exceptional clinician and I can’t say enough about the experience with him.

– Mark L


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